Keep The Gutters On Your Home Clean

cleaning the guttersRain gutters are necessary because they direct rainwater to a runoff or a drainage system. However, installation and repairs can be challenging. Here are tips about gutter cleaning as well as gutter services offered by professionals:

Start by evaluating your home’s gutter requirements. In general, water from your home’s roof should flow into gutters, downspouts, and finally into a water drainage system. With this in mind, measure the length of your home’s roof and determine the location of downspouts. Use this information to buy new gutters that will fit well around your home’s roof. You can use the same information to hire a business that provides gutter services like installation.

Planning Gutter Installation

To start with, put together the new gutters on the ground. This makes installation much easier because you do not have to join gutter sections while standing on a ladder. Secondly, install mounts/hangers that will hold your roof drainage system in place. Make sure you space these mounts properly and position them in such a way that rainwater will flow from your roof drainage system to a downspout. The rule of thumb is to install downspouts at a wall that is close to a water drainage system. Moreover, it is advisable to place downspouts in inconspicuous locations.

After installing mounts/hangers, lift the assembled gutters and fix them on your home’s roof. Make sure you install them under the drip edge of your house’s roof. Use a level to ensure water can flow all the way to a downspout and additionally, install splash guards where two or more roof lines meet. This is to prevent water from shooting over gutters and dripping down your house’s walls.

If you cannot install a roof drainage system due to one reason or another, you can hire a professional or company that deals with gutter installation.

Gutter Repair and Cleaning

Over time, debris such as leaves, dust, and small twigs will clog your gutters impeding free flow of water. Furthermore, your gutters will deteriorate and develop cracks, which will allow water to leak. For this reason, you should schedule gutter cleaning and maintenance. Start by examining your gutters to determine problem areas. Use the right scoop to remove debris that might have clogged the water channel. Work your way around your house while carrying out gutter cleaning and make sure water can flow freely down the downspouts as well.

Some Gutter Cleaning Tools

After this, seal cracks that might have developed on your gutters. Sand the target area to remove rust or dirt and then apply gutter sealant using a putty knife. Let the patched area dry before using water to test whether it is properly sealed. Use the same gutter repair technique to seal leaky joints. Once again, you do not have to do your own gutter cleaning if you are busy at work or do not have the nerve to climb up your home’s roof. Hire an expert from a company that offers gutter repair and cleaning services.

In summary, if you allow rainwater to splash or drip down the walls of your home, it could cause serious structural damage over time. Gutter installation, gutter cleaning, and gutter repair will ensure this does not happen.